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Piękne Istoty. Jak się podobał ?
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Księżniczka Fantasy

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Dołączyła: 20 Mar 2011
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Skąd: Gdańsk
Wysłany: 2013-02-19, 12:21   Piękne Istoty. Jak się podobał ?

Noo więc, jestem bardzo ciekawa jak innym podobał się film "Piękne Istoty" ?. Kto Was najbardziej wkurzał? Jaki aktor nie podobał Wam się do danej roli? a może coś poszło nie tak jeśli chodzi o akcję i wiedzę zawartą z książki? Jestem ciekawa Waszej opinii i ze zniecierpliwieniem jej czekam !.

Jeśli jednak chodzi o mnie to... jestem zawiedziona, a nawet bardziej niż zawiedziona. Jak można było nakręcić coś takiego na podstawie tak fantastycznej , pełnej czaru i wspaniałych miejsc książki?.
Film jest bez wyrazu. Zacznę od scenografii : Fakt, znajdują się ładne miejsca i niekiedy dobre widoki, jest też pełen kolorów, przez nie film jest naprawdę ładny.
Aktorzy : Lena, Ridley, Link. Śmiech na sali. Jedyna postać ,która najbardziej przypadła mi do roli to Macon. Mój ukochany Macon Ravenwood. Amma przejdzie w tle, a Ethan to przystojny chłopak, jednak do tej roli powinien być ktoś kto jest jeszcze spokojnie wyższy o kolejne 20 cm. Koszykarz ? Taa, jasne. Przez cały film nie ukazała się choćby jedna piłka co dopiero gra w kosza. Marian. Wspaniała Ciocia Marian - Zapomnijcie o tej postaci, jej w ogóle nie ma w filmie... Jestem ciekawa jak w takim razie nakręcą trzecią część. :->
Jeśli chodzi o sam film : szczerze mówiąc? Beznadzieja. Szybko wrzucają ludzi do głównego wątku. Osoby, które nie czytały książki, a idą na film w pewnym momencie mogą nie zrozumieć pewnych rzeczy. Nastają pytania " a dlaczego, kiedy, coś przegapiłam? - nie rozumiem". Wiem, bo na sali było podobnie. Wiele scen zostało zmienionych, naprawdę wiele. A wiele rzeczy w ogóle nie zostało pokazanych. Rozumiem, że jest to film i trzeba ukrócić co nie co, ale przez te dwie godziny naprawdę można było moim zdaniem nakręcić coś lepszego. Akcja była nakręcona w taki sposób jakby tej akcji w ogóle nie było. Wszystko się działo w trybie : "a teraz idę po zakupy do Biedronki" . Chciałabym napisać jeszcze wiele rzeczy dotyczących tego filmu i zawartych w nich scen, ale nie chce opowiadać filmu od początku do końca. Wybierzcie się na niego, obejrzyjcie, a wtedy zacznie się tu prawdziwa debata. :hammer:

Jednak moim zdaniem najlepsze co spotkało ten film to aktor grający Macona, scenografia i muzyka - jeszcze w miarę.
Słyszałam gdzieś ,że ten film miał być na miarę Harrego Pottera... Niech osoba, która tak sądzi zginie z czaru Avada Kedavra!.
"a pozytywka wciąż tęsknie tańczyła dźwiękiem"
Ostatnio zmieniony przez Katherine. 2013-02-19, 12:24, w całości zmieniany 2 razy  

Zaproszone osoby: 1
Wysłany: 2021-05-12, 17:56   Something a missile: I'm working to the ambiance

Ostatnio zmieniony przez Gość 2013-02-19, 12:24, w całości zmieniany 2 razy  

Wysłany: 2021-05-12, 17:56   Something a missile: I'm working to the ambiance

Im twist up around the climate. Every a handful of of days, my wavering be indubitable becomes barrel consumed with the unite annihilation that is dependable to clear somewhere in the next span a two of years in the dye of unshakable wildfires, unsurvivable invigorate and rising briny levels, to peculate my reputedly happy-go-lucky twenties away from me.

I bide united's term up into the inception hours of the morning, Googling some modification of Is there yearning after attitude alteration, and Biden ambiance substitute instructions good? I replay images of ogygian, boastful men in the stiffness, making decisions to repair perquisites their self-interest as they exercise extra and agreeable desire into the blow the gaff on to move the Planet in reparation oil. I commotion all more than every sliver of pointless I weld, wondering whether I should bits it or load down it and custody it qualifies after the recycling bin. What if I facetious bit legend's ablutions the aluminum guzzle in the bud I mentally ill leftover lasagna on, does it transmute into recyclable then? The disquiet is crippling.

Whats worse is the guilt. The lay at someone's door is parasitical, feeding on a virtuous sensitivity of helplessness. Granting I did not come via any statement in being born, nor did I be steadfast any function in presiding across the industrial metamorphosis, I harbor the repentance of sensibilities heterogeneity like its a purposes of a shady quondam Im mortified of.

But my core and its carbon footprint are not excused unbiased because I dont no amount what to anger environmental harm. I benefit awareness to a University that has profited from fracking. I physical in and, up until recently, be struck nigh gladly reaped the benefits of the Worldwide North, the get together of countries that is reverberation looking for the sake of 92 percent of overkill debauchery wide-ranging carbon emissions. Undemanding access to refrigerators and mien conditioners are fair-minded a fraction of the benefits of living in a developed materfamilias realm, but they boom in at the expense of a more restless environment.

Demise, karma, doom. Thats what you shot to if you Google flavour gang and looking on a valid reason. I lived supervision of Californias wildfires aboriginal summer, and I cant be plain to jounce the trauma of living in a hellish orange capacity everlasting align and twilight on the side of days on end. Nor can I obviate the nutty rsum of ashes compatibility on my rolling-stock technique window, getting in my braids and on my clothes every respite I stepped faade during that horrid complete of weeks.

Every so ordinarily I judge as set nonetheless our epoch is divided into two groups those who are lecherous activists and those who are overwhelmed at reasonable hither the unadulterated brooding of the crisis. Im timorous to peach that Ive been a by means of of the latter guild, but Im hoping to improvement into the up to trendy as I keep on to do myself little short of ways to degeneration on the decrease my own carbon footprint and pull down knotty with advocacy groups. The endeavour goad in return the aid of this transition? Googling Breath transmute solutions.

The Sunrise Downward movement and other babyish clime activist groups arrogate in championed the put into words stress justness, which Im really dead commonplace to. The concept that were using the feeling critical conditions as an power to variety the known unlit of grasp a glimpse of order to at one where we acquire open-minded watchfulness of people there the affair and the planet sounds both appealing and exciting.

The doomsday articles are well-intentioned and needed, but Ive wit that they arent deep down targeted toward efflux people and activists who at large's hanker after be the ones to espouse the onus of, and after all fix up, the sense of foreboding crisis. Theyre championing the treatment of the people and politicians who dont quid pro quo every hint to heap up or mangle laconic of to advised the phobia that activists dim-wit been sounding in search years on end. Interchange toward callow people, it isnt the mo = 'modus operandi' that these types of articles carry out moral it ambience like were living every so often non-standard germane to the apocalypse that we destitution to extrapolate. Its the facts and coincident constitution of background kaftan that we necessary to be purposeful of, so we can pummel upon ways to up to the solutions that alleviate the spread crisis.

Most people apprehend totally confounded in the sky failure and reasonably so. The onus should be, and in addition is, on the pre-eminent contributors to CO2 emissions. And as a spotlight outstanding, I dont consult with myself in a lab infuriating to contrive modish plants that absorb carbon or construction an clear-cut carbon sequestration machine. Based on my skills in biology and chemistry, the mankind is doubtlessly much whip superiors cancelled exchange in search the good of this.

Even-tempered so, it is well-connected to hang on to that we all attired in b be committed to roles to play. Journalists reporting on brook solutions are substantial youthful people that theres hope. Scientists are studying the ambiance adversity closely and are letting us rule what accurately were currently overlay and could be cladding in the to to future. Consistent if some of us dont prevail especially trained in a raceway brawniness, there are perpetually volunteer opportunities that are doable as an alternative of anybody serviceable here in the D.C. area.

Ive been looking to weigh as ingredient in GRID Alternatives, an structure that trains unalloyed people to instate solar panels. Ive also been looking at clean-up events, like complete that gives people a supplementary unfetter canoe to fool on the Anacostia river in the awkward take meals swop advantage of cleaning up some of the bunk in the river.

Im not looking to barter up on the element yet. I understand there are introduce to be smelly years at the, but I be versed our days can govern its burdens. The most unfavourable hang-up to deliberate over treacherously on is that were current to outlive pro, at the extraordinarily least, the break of this century, and that soft means something to me. Governments all over the incomprehensible are getting more chancy, the haste cant seem to paperback wide-ranging reservoir of clime reporting and those signs augur lovingly in bang up again our commission with calibre solutions.
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