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Pomogła: 4 razy
Wiek: 28
Dołączyła: 15 Wrz 2011
Posty: 1295
Skąd: Londyn/Gdynia
Wysłany: 2015-03-18, 02:02   Do Końca Świata

Finał serii Pocałunek anioła.

Elizabeth Chandler zajmowała się wieloma gatunkami literackimi, lecz największą sławę przyniósł jej bestsellerowy romantyczny cykl dla młodych czytelniczek, od tytułu pierwszego tomu nazywany „Pocałunkiem anioła”. Autorka mieszka w Baltimore w USA.


Wysłany: 2022-04-11, 14:39   


Wysłany: 2022-04-11, 14:39   

My yuh, discharged without a trace to the fullest, immediately fell down, and due to the lack of size, shrunk, began to crawl out of my missus' anal. But when I came to my senses after a breathtaking orgasm, I found that a holy place is never empty, and some other guy had already taken my place on the bed, and began to actively smear my wife's tits, either squeezing them in his palms, or pulling his nipples. Well, in order not to spoil the holiday, already exhausted, I got off my wife, wandered off to lie down on the vacated sofa at the other end of this room.
Igor, could you put more cream on my shoulders? Oksana felt a slight excitement from what was happening, she wanted to stop it, but did not know how to say it, she was not comfortable with what was happening.
[]here.[/url]. Guys, rate how I look sexy enough for the wedding night or something is missing. We started joking. Turn around like this, stand up like this, bend down like cancer and the like, we sat in chairs continuing to drink vodka and admire the sight and views of her pussy breasts and tanned dark skin. Her eyes sparkled mischievously, winked. And then Genka, that of course Liana you look great, but tell us what kind of cultural program awaits our friend Mishka.
I cooked breakfast, sit down at the table. Oksana handed the plates to Igor, after which they sat down at the table together.
With his eyes, he let me know that everything is fine and I can not be afraid of him, I must trust him. I believed ... The boy held out his hand to me and mentally suggested that I do the same: at that moment the mirror became as if liquid, I stretched my hand through it and the boy pulled me behind him into the mirror. There was almost no light on the other side: in the midst of the frightening darkness, I could make out the sofa on which I was sitting in that real world, mirrors that should have been hanging on the walls, but they hung in a black void, and a little boy who was dressed only little white panties.
Ah ah, girls, I'm about to cum!
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